Canadian Musician - January / February 2020 - Page 42

Y O B A C ES M O C UT O BY IN SW EW NG KI R ND A In their nearly eight years to- gether, the three members of Caveboy have collectively amassed an impressive pile of achievements and accolades – one that would be enviable to virtu- ally any well-established artist with years of tour- ing experience and sever- al records to their name. But while they’ve got the live performance pedigree on lock, it’s somewhat shocking that 2020 will mark the release of the band’s debut LP, Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark. To say it’s been a long time coming would be an understatement, especially considering the fact that making “an al- bum” – a physical collec- tion of songs they could see on store displays and scrawl their signatures on for fans – has been a top priority pretty much since day one. “It was clear when we first got together: we wanted to make a record – a full-length album to hold in our hands and put on our turntables, having grown up on the music our parents listened to blasting around the house. We kind of bonded 42 CANADIAN MUSICIAN (L-R) Lana Cooney, Michelle Bensimon & Isabelle Banos of Caveboy E V G N GI