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Ruth B .
Daniel Lanois
The Canadian Who Saved Gibson
Cadence Weapon
CM ’ s Metal Guitar Panel
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27 I ’ ve Witnessed Music ’ s Healing Power
28 Forget About Being a “ Guitar Player ” & Just Express Yourself
29 An Intro to Holistic Artist
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58 What Artists Currently Need to Know About Traveling to the U . S .
59 Maracatu Meets Technique , Pt . 2 : Adding Independence
60 How an AMS RMX16 Preset Defined a Generation of Drum Sounds
61 Performing Online : The State of the Art at This Moment ?





COVER PHOTO : Ruth B . by Gabriel LN / www . gabrielln . com


May / June 2021 , Vol . XLIII , No . 3

Ruth B .

Steps Towards Stardom on Her Own Terms
By Adam Kovac Though she reached stardom and acclaim quickly with her 2017 debut album , Safe Haven , Ruth B .’ s star is about to burn brighter with the release of Moments in Between . At just 25-years-old , it ’ s a collection of songs that seem destined to cement her place among the finest Canadian singer-songwriters performing today . And no less an expert than Sir Elton John has listed Ruth B . as one of his favourite Canadian artists .

Daniel Lanois

Keeps It Old School While Looking Forward
By Manus Hopkins While he ’ s still going strong , Daniel Lanois has already reached near-legendary status through his work on classic albums by Bob Dylan , U2 , Peter Gabriel , and so many more . With Canadian Musician , the Canadian producer chats about recording technology , songwriting , and getting the best performance while reflecting on the lessons learned along the way .

The Canadian Who Saved Gibson

James “ JC ” Curleigh on the Current & Future Health of the Guitar Market & More
By Michael Raine When James “ JC ” Curleigh was hired as Gibson Brands ’ new president and CEO in 2018 , he was somewhat of a surprising choice to be the man who would save one of the world ’ s most iconic guitar companies from financial doom . Nonetheless , he has led an impressive revitalization of the brand . With CM , the proud Canadian opens about the current state of the guitar market , how to get more women and artists of colour picking up guitars , and more .


Cadence Weapon

Canada ’ s Conscience is Back Better Than Ever
By Michael Raine Since his debut record in 2005 , Cadence Weapon has been one of Canada ’ s most widely-respected rappers , and he has never shied away from calling out politicians and others in power . And along the way , he ’ s made space for himself and other hip-hop artists in Canada ’ s traditionally white and guitar-focused industry . Now , with his new LP , Parallel World , he ’ s at the top of his game and he ’ s ready for the accolades .

CM ’ s Metal Guitar Panel


Getting Heavy with Canada ’ s Metal Axe-Wielders
By Manus Hopkins Sure , heavy metal is characterized by pounding drums , rumbling bass , and aggressive vocals , but at its core , it ’ s the guitar that makes metal music . With a strong and versatile metal scene in Canada , CM rounded up a group of our own shredders , from established , world-renowned players to new up-andcomers making a splash in the industry , to genrehopping players who bring metal techniques into completely different styles .