Canadian Musician - March/April 2023 - Page 37

nothing is going to be gifted to you ever . You just have to work for it .”
And the work and The Compass Project continues . Following The Compass Project South is The Compass Project East which will be released this March . Kissel describes it “ as a beautiful collection of songs that pair melody and lyric in a very special way . And the feeling on that particular record is unlike anything I ’ ve ever done , it ’ s very intimate , vulnerable , and I think it ’ s been recorded in an expert fashion .” He describes The Compass Project West as straight-up , pure honky tonk country and western while The Compass Project North is an all-live album featuring all of his greatest hits . “ We ’ ve recorded every show that we ’ ve done over the last five , six years . We selected the best recordings of those songs , from different cities , and different venues across Canada . So it ’ s really cool to take a trip down memory lane .”
Reflecting on his musical journey thus far , Brett Kissel says that his life has been a full 360-degree journey and that The Compass Project closes the chapter nicely on the first decade of his career . “ I think the most unique thing is understanding how I ’ m coming back to my roots . I couldn ’ t wait to leave the farm . And now I can ’ t wait to go home to the farm and write songs and unplug , unwind and recharge my batteries . So it ’ s really special to have been able to make a great living in this business , make some incredible friendships , travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic coast , and now get a chance to do it all
over again and know that I still have a lot of gas left in the tank . There ’ s a childlike wonder that is still in my eyes , every time I plan a new tour or out on the road or make a new album . But I ’ m very grateful that I ’ m only 32 years old but you know I ’ ve got a decade or more of experience under my belt . There ’ s definitely been a lot of growth , but I ’ m learning a lot of great lessons along the way about stopping and smelling the roses .”
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