Canadian Musician - March-April 2022 - Page 74


Viberate is an online platform that offers artists and their teams a way to keep track of their music ’ s analytics across Spotify , YouTube , Beatport , SoundCloud , Instagram , and Radio Airplay in one place . It also provides a platform to make connections within the music business around the world . Viberate ’ s dashboard allows for accurate tracking of artists and songs , including social links and streaming stats . The analytics also include radio airplay around the globe and chart performance . It offers a way for artists and labels to track fan engagement , song performance , and more in a uniquely detailed way . www . viberate . com .
ToneGym ’ s latest free release is Melody Playground , where musicians can practice and improve their melody analyzing skills , and learn to break down and transcribe melodies easily . The new section includes the melody trainer , a melody game , and a weekly melody transcription contest . Members can practice their melodic understanding with single notes , intervals , and chords , in any of the diatonic modes and four difficulty levels . Performance tracking and in-depth stats are available . www . tonegym . co / playground / melody .
Native Instruments has released Komplete Now subscription offer . Komplete Now gives beatmakers , producers , and creators a collection of some of Native Instruments ’ most popular instruments and effects for $ 9.99 per month . Subscribers will get access to a comprehensive range of production tools , including Native Instruments ’ flagship synthesizer Massive X , a bespoke edition of the drum sampling platform Battery 4 , and three instruments from the easy-to-use Play Series collection : Cloud Supply , Lo-Fi Glow , and Hybrid Keys . Komplete Now also includes Retro Machines MK2 with 16 analog synthesizers and keyboards , plus a pair of effects — Raum and Replika . www . native-instruments . com .
Autochords is a useful and very simple tool to help songwriters when they need a little help getting inspired . It suggests chord progressions according to the key and mood the user selects . They can choose between piano or guitar and then get a main progression and three alternative ones . www . autochords . com .